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Technical specifications of Rose oil:

Appearance: Fluid transparent liquid above the congealing point

Color: Yellow, Green

Description of the flower

Rosa Damascena hails from the Rosaceae family and can be described as a woody, recurrent, blossoming plant. The leaves in the majority of species are 2 to 5.9 in (5-15 cm) in length, pinnate, and having basal stipules and leaflets. Most of the roses are deciduous but some, originating in South East Asia, are evergreen.

Description of the oil  

In an effort to get the rose oil, one should need to put the fresh Damascus Rose through a steam-distillation process. The Damascus Roses are the most popular species since they yield the highest amount of oil and are certainly the most fragrant.

The chemical composition of the rose oil unites hundreds of components, including Nerol, Phenyl Geraniol, Methyl Eugenol, Citral, Phenylmenthyl Acetate, Stearpoten, Citronellyl Acetate, Ethanol, Citronellol, Eugenol, Phenyl Acetaldehyde, Carvone, Nonanol, Farnesol, and Nonanal.

The essential oil which bears the highest amounts of monoterpenes is seen as the best one.

Combines well with

Rose oil makes for magnificent blends with Jasmine, Geranium, Palma Rosa, and Clove essential oils.

Uses / effects

The oil of roses is not only effective in boosting mental strength, confidence, and self-esteem but also remarkably contributes to the vicious battle against depression. In addition to alleviating depression which may be due to any reason, it also relieves anxiety. Acting as an antidepressant, rose oil can be regularly or routinely treated to patients who undergo rehabilitation or are facing spells of acute depression in order to immensely boost their life rhythms.

Rose oil is definitely the most luxurious and fragrant way to deal with wounds if you imagine that instead of curing your wounds with regular antiseptic lotions, you treat them with rose oil. Apply it topically to aid the protection of the wounds and thwart any developing infections.

Rose oil has been proven to have mighty anti-inflammatory activities, thus its antiphlogistic characteristics. The oil is capable of significantly calming down a patient who is suffering from high fever by numbing the inflammation. Besides, the oil is very beneficial when it comes to other inflammations that are caused by dehydration, ingestion of poisonous particles, microbial infections, and indigestion. In this way, the oil can considerably reduce related conditions, such as gout, fever, arthritis, and rheumatism.

Roses have been a powerful aphrodisiac from the time when Cupid was flying here and there with his quiver of love arrows to modern times when high-tech geeks use roses to woo attractive ladies. In this regard, it is the flower’s essential oil that does the magic. Not only the odor is arousing but it also promotes the libido and produces romantic feelings which are vital for a good sex life. This may result in eliminating symptoms of frigidity, erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, or common indifference to sexual intercourse.

Not only women derive wonderful benefit from rose oil’s beauty properties but they also receive great relief from the oil’s emmenagogue abilities since it very well encourages the hormone secretions associated with menstruation. Those females who are hindered by irregular menses will find rose oil very effective by providing pain reduction related to menstruation and PMS.

Use in aromatherapy

The oil of Rosa Damascena is broadly used in aromatherapy since it nurtures feelings of hope, happiness, and joy, and raises spiritual relaxation and positive thoughts and moods.

Use in perfume industry

Rose oil is a crucial component of fine, exquisite perfumes. The fact that the yield is considerably low (around 0.3-0.4ml/kg) makes the oil very expensive and respected in the aristocratic world and beyond it.

Use in beauty and skin products

Rose oil has been utilized in natural beauty cures since myriads of years. It is the oil’s Citronellyl Acetate that emits the pleasant aroma and flavor and for which it is used in beauty and skin products.

Therapeutic use

Rose oil is indubitably one of the most fragrant essential oils worldwide and holds antidepresseant, anti-inflammatory, emmenagogue, aromatherapic, aphrodisiac, and antiseptic properties, among others.

Food industry 

Rose oil used as a flavouring for food and drinks and in food supplement capsules.

Hospitality and wellness industry 

Rose oil used in aromatherapy and spas.

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Shipping: International Commercial with the post companies.
Packaging: High standard specialized ALUMINUM BOTTLES 
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Our 100 % pure and natural rose oil is certified. We are one of the few companies in Middle-East certified with the European companies.